Monthly Archives: June 2013

Why LB 840 Grants instead of an extended tax break?

Corporations and government handouts…2 things that go together like peanut butter and onions. When someone is given free money they spend it like…free money. The 840 committee is being prudent in making sure the company has “skin in the game”. Instead of free money , why not an extended tax break instead.  At least if the company fails the city is not left with a 500 thousand dollar hole.

What caused us to put this down in writing?  Check out recent news about Food Energy LLC wanting to put a processing plant in the Scottsbluff, NE area.

A new state in northern Colorado.

Maybe some of the counties in the panhandle of Nebraska should look into joining this…since most the time it seems like our legislators in Lincoln think the state stops at North Platte.

Instead of terror maybe we could have a war on cancer…

I thought this seemed relevant in light of the recent cell phone data leaks. The rest of the country (non-Libertarian) is realizing the war on terror isn’t about terror or safety at all.


Now, you too can learn how to run/ruin the economy

I think this game is the training simulator our government uses for Federal Reserve chairs.