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2014 Nebraska Governor Debates

Watch and Listen to how the Libertarian candidate for the 2014 Nebraska Governor replies to these debate questions.

All Nebraskan Libertarian Candidates are in for 2014!

Now that filing has completed for 2014 Candidates we have completely updated our list of Nebraskan Libertarian Candidates that are running for an office in the 2014 State and National Elections! As more of them add or change methods of contacting them (web pages and social media) we will be updating the links.
We have also added links for downloading the NEBRASKA VOTER REGISTRATION APPLICATION and information about your right to vote as an ex-felon in the state of Nebraska to the page.

Nebraskan Libertarian Candidates for 2014 Page

Please note that since we have 2 filing for Representative in Congress in District 2 there will be a Primary for them so do your part and vote in both the Primary and General election! The two filing (in A-Z order) are Andy Shambaugh and Steven Laird.

Support LB 1001 by contacting your Nebraska State Senator!

Nebraska LB 1001 has passed the judiciary committee in a 7-0 vote, so not it’s time to let your state Senator know how you feel about the bill! LB 1001 which is now headed to the floor for debate in the Nebraska Unicameral is in short- “Allow production and marketing of industrial hemp, exempt industrial hemp from the Uniform Controlled Substances Act, and provide powers and duties for the Department of Agriculture”

KOLN-TV in Lincoln has a quick article about it here.

Find a list of all the Nebraska State Senators here.