WNLP By-laws

Western Nebraska Libertarian Party Constitution


Western Nebraska Libertarian Party


The name of this organization shall be “Western Nebraska Libertarian Party.”


The purpose of this organization shall be to advance in every honorable way fundamental Libertarian principles and policies. As a voluntary organization, we shall cooperate and assist in all county, state, and national elections to the end that our Constitutional form of limited government for the United States and our state be preserved for all of the people.

As a part of the Libertarian state voluntary organization, this organization shall direct, manage, supervise and control the business and the funds of the Western Nebraska Libertarian Party.


Membership in this organization shall be open to all Banner, Box Butte, Cheyenne, Dawes, Kimball, Morrill, Scotts Bluff, and Sioux County citizens who believe in the above objectives, purposes and principles of the Libertarian Party.

Qualified and voting members of this organization shall be those Libertarians in good standing who have been recorded by the Secretary/Treasure of this organization for at least 10 days prior to any meeting.


Section 1: The officers of this organization shall consist of a Chair, a First Vice Chair, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, and such other officers as shall be provided for in the bylaws.

Section 2: Duties of the Officers

  • The Chair shall preside at all meetings or caucuses of the party and of the Executive Committee, and shall have general supervision of the work of the organization.

  • The First Vice Chair, in the absence of the Chair, shall perform the duties of the Chair (as outlined in the bylaws).

  • The Secretary shall keep and read minutes of meetings or caucuses and shall promptly issue membership cards to all qualifying members.

  • The Treasurer shall receive and be custodian of all funds of the party and shall pay all bills. The Treasurer shall keep an account of all monies received and disbursed and shall report in full, as required by the Chair, to the Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall file all proper reports as required by law.

Section 3: The term of office for the officers and the Executive Committee shall be two years, and until their successors are elected and installed.

Section 4: All officers and members of the Executive Committee shall be elected in a duly constituted county caucus or meeting.

Section 5: The Executive Committee shall be made up of the officers and those additional individuals as set forth in the bylaws.


Section 1: Meetings or caucuses shall be held under proper notice, at the call of the Chair.

Section 2: A regular county meeting or caucus shall be held each year, at which time delegates and alternates shall be elected to attend the congressional district caucus and the state convention, and for the election of officers as needed.

Section 3: The Executive Committee shall hold meetings at such times as are determined by the Executive Committee.

Section 4: Special meetings of the Executive Committee may be called by the Chair or by written request of five members of the Executive Committee and upon notice to all members.

Section 5: A county meeting or caucus shall be called and advertised at least twice in one weekly or daily paper in the county at least ten days prior to said meeting. The Chair shall send a written notice to delegates and alternates of congressional district caucuses and state conventions.

Section 6: Voting by proxy shall be prohibited at any regular or special county meeting or caucus.


Section 1: A nominating committee of not less than five members shall be appointed by the Chair and approved by the Executive Committee prior to each election. This committee shall report one nominee for each office at the meeting/caucus for such election after which nominations from the floor shall be allowed.

Section 2: A nominating committee of not less than three members shall be appointed by the Chair and approved by the Executive Committee for the purpose of nominating delegates and alternates to attend each state convention and district caucus after which nominations may be made from the floor.

Section 3: Where there is only one candidate for an office, election may be by voice.

Section 4: Where more than one candidate is nominated for an office, election will be by written ballot. A majority of votes cast shall elect.


All recommendations for appointments shall be made by the Chair, with the approval of a majority of the Executive Committee.


Section 1: A quorum for a meeting or caucus of the organization shall be a majority of the members present.

Section 2: A quorum for a meeting of the Executive Committee shall be a majority of the Executive Committee.


Roberts’ Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern all proceedings except where inconsistent with the Constitution and bylaws of this organization.


Bylaws may be adopted in compliance with this constitution by a majority vote at any duly called county meeting or caucus.


In the event of any conflict or ambiguity of the constitution or bylaws adopted hereunder, the constitution of the Libertarian Party of Nebraska shall prevail.


Amendments to the constitution may be made after approved by the state executive committee and by a two-thirds vote at any regular or special meeting or caucus of this organization where the call and notice states such purpose.