Ben Backus for Secretary of State response to the “Foley” issue

“John Gales decision today highlights exactly why Nebraska is ready for a third party candidate. The Secretary of State’s office is supposed to be a non-partisan voice in the election process. If the situation was reversed, and the candidate was a Democrat we all know Mr. Gales decision would be different. He stated he is trying to prevent confusion in the election process. There is no confusion , there is election law. You are a lawyer Mr. Gale, follow the law. Mr. Gale was appointed to his position, hand selected by republican leadership. It’s time for the citizens of Nebraska to break up the “good ole boy” system running our state and elect real people to office, and not the rotating selection of stuffed shirts. Mr. Gale may point out that I might not be qualified for the office since I am not a lawyer, but I do know how to read and I do know how to follow the law , one of those two points Mr. Gale is failing on.” – Ben Backus for Nebraska Secretary of State 2014

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