Past & Present Candidates

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Upcoming Election(s):
If you know of a Libertarian running in an upcoming election please Contact Us so we can add their details! See below for those running in in an upcoming election:

Candidate For Name District

2016 Election Results:
Below are the 2016 results for Libertarians that ran from around the panhandle:

Candidate For Name District Vote % Votes
Scotts Bluff County Commissioner Tyrel Manley District II 24% 702
Gering City Council Benjamin Backus Ward III Unopposed

2014 Election Results:
The Libertarian Party of Nebraska was able to garish much more than the 5% that we needed in 2014 to keep the party on the ballots in Nebraska.
See how well we did in the 2014 November election below:

Candidate For Name District Vote % Votes
Governor Mark G. Elworth Jr. 3.5% 19,001
Lt. Governor Scott Zimmerman 3.5% 19,001
Secretary of State Ben Backus 24.8% 121,470
State Treasurer Michael Knebel 5.3% 28,009
Representative in Congress Steven Laird District 2 5.3% 9,021
Valley City Council Felicia Jorgensen 18% 165
Fremont City Council Michael Shallberg 3rd Ward 22.09% 146
Johnson County Treasurer John Sterup 14.9% 250
MUD Board (Outside Member) Jonathan Corey Neurath 7.74% 682

Hope everyone got out and voted this past November 2014! If you aren’t registered to vote or want to change your affiliation to Libertarian Party please download the following link from SOS.NE.GOV so you can fill it out and mail it in. Remember even if you are a Felon, in Nebraska, you still have the right to vote in Federal and Nebraska elections if it has been at least two (2) years since you completed your sentence, including parole.