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Another Libertarian enters the Nebraska 2014 race!

Libertarian Party of Nebraska’s ( very own Michael Knebel has officially filed for State Treasurer. He is running against the current Republican incumbent and a Democrat. Let’s throw our support behind Michael and see some changes start to happen! Michael currently works for TD Ameritrade, so maybe he knows a few things about finance.

Gering Libertarian, Ben Backus, running for Secretary of State!

Co-Chair here at WNLP, Ben Backus has officially filed to run against incumbent Secretary of State John Gale. Ben hope to at least gain 5% of the votes, which are needed for any political party to stay on the ballots – per state laws – which is a must for the Nebraska Libertarian Party to continue moving forward! If he wins, Secretary of State is an office he knows he could best handle.

Also read the article by local radio station KNEB –

Check the updated the – 2014 Nebraska Libertarian Candidates page to reflect Gering Libertarian Ben Backus filing and expect to see at least a few more people running state-wide or regionally in the state!

2014 Nebraska Libertarian Candidates posted!

We have updated the – 2014 Nebraska Libertarian Candidates page to reflect those currently running and will add more so please keep checking back.  I will list those in Nebraska and not just the Western Nebraska Panhandle area we aim to serve here at  Also include are all non-partisan race candidates such as State Unicameral, and local city councils.

Please spread the word on places like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!

Campaign Season

Tis the season….To run for office! The non-incumbent filing deadline is March 3rd. So now is the time to start planning.If you have every thought of running for an office..go for it. We here at the WNLP would like to encourage liberty minded individuals to run for office, at any level of government. Contact us and we will see what we can do to help.


A new state in northern Colorado.

Maybe some of the counties in the panhandle of Nebraska should look into joining this…since most the time it seems like our legislators in Lincoln think the state stops at North Platte.

Libertarian Party of Nebraska Supports Nebraska Midwives (LB 428)


Libertarian Party of Nebraska Supports Nebraska Midwives

In March, the Nebraska State Legislature was to hear a bill, 428, which would remove restrictions on Certified Nursing Midwives to be present at home births.  Currently Nebraska is one of only two states which still criminalize a CNM being present at a home birth without a doctor.  This bill, if it was to have passed, would have given more freedom in the medical choices for families in Nebraska.  Unfortunately, the bill did not get voted on, and has been moved to an interim study.  It is important that we let our State Senators know that after the interim, this bill must be brought back for a vote and passed.

During this interim period of June 2013 through January 2014, the Department of Health and Human Services will be conducting a study to review if any changes should be made to the proposed bill.  They will review how other states have handled the process and look through numerous studies to come to a better understanding of why the current law is in place, and to also understand why the current Nebraska law needs to be repealed.

The fact is that home births have increased from 1990 to 2009 in the country by almost 30%.  1 in 90 births are now done at home.  Home births in Nebraska have exceeded the national average over the last 5 years.  The CDC has said that the majority that choose to do home births are usually lower risk pregnancies, women 35 or older, and have already given birth to at least one child previously.  Most home births are now planned due to a variety of reasons, from religious to cultural to simply the comfort of being in a familiar surrounding with close family.

Nebraska joins Alabama as being the only states which do not allow for Certified Nursing Midwives to be present at home births.  The CNM can be present in a hospital setting.  Doctors can be present at home births.  The current law is inconsistent and clearly shows that CNM’s have the training and expertise to deliver a child.  Recent studies, including the one from the Canadian Medical Association Journal, have stated that a birth with a CNM is associated with fewer interventions than a non midwife caregiver.

With our current medical training and technology, a home birth can be just as safe as and more comfortable for the family than a hospital birth.  Nebraska must move forward with allowing more personal freedom and choice as it pertains to medical care.  We strongly urge the review board with HHS and the Nebraska Legislators to bring this bill back up for a vote after review, and to pass it.  LB 428 is the first step in gaining practical access to CNMs during a home birth.  Please join the Libertarian Party of Nebraska in supporting Nebraska Midwives and Mothers.  Write your current State Senator and let them know this needs to be passed.

NOTE:  Original Press Release source from Libertarian Party of Nebraska at

URGENT! Nebraska Medicaid expansion via LB 577

Currently the Nebraska Unicameral is discussing LB 577.
This bill defines and expands Nebraska Medicaid coverage. Taken at face value the Medicaid expansion is about providing medical coverage to people that could not afford it otherwise. If you dig deeper, and look at what’s really happening with the expansion it becomes a frightening power grab and a deterrent for people to create a better life for themselves.
First I would like to address the power grab by the federal government. When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was first introduced the states were up in arms about how they were going to fund such an expansion. The federal government calmed their fears by claiming they would be helping the states with federal money 100% decreasing to 90% by 2016. I’m not even going to address the fact that the money has to come from somewhere, and the funding was already reduced in the 2013 budget. The bigger concern is that once the states are dependent on the feds for funding it can be held as leverage on policies. An example is the federal funding for highways, anytime the states want to change drinking ages, helmet or seat belt laws, the feds threaten to remove their funding, and the states have to cave in. I could see something similar happening with Medicaid funding…”you better change your gun laws I’d hate to see you have your Medicaid funding cut”. Also entitlements do not go away easy, if the federal government cuts funding, the states will be in a mad scramble to cover the shortfall, lest they cut funding for Medicaid and face an angry and now insurance-less populace.
The other downside to the act is that it further makes people dependent on the state and federal governments. I am going to use the example of someone who is lower income and hard working. This person would be a single parent making around thirty thousand ($30,000) a year. Their job doesn’t supply health insurance so they are on Medicaid. They work hard at their job and start making more money, so their government benefits start dropping. They are making more money so they should be fine right? Wrong! They come to a point where they are at a “welfare cliff“, it is a grey area between thirty thousand ($30,000) and seventy thousand ($70,000) where the more you make the less will net, because your government support will decrease but your taxes increase. Now some people will take the jump and make it into that next bracket, but at face value it encourages people to stay where they are and not succeed. The lesson is the more you depend on government programs the higher that “cliff” gets. The Medicaid expansion tries to make this “cliff” into the Grand Canyon.

I encourage everyone to call and email their senators, and if you are interested in some heavy reading on the subject checks out this paper by the Platte Institute.

For people in the area below is the contact information for their state Senators:

Scotts Bluff County:

Banner, Box Butte (south and west of Alliance), Cheyenne, Kimball, Morrill, and Sioux Counties:

Box Butte (Alliance, north and east of Alliance) and Dawes Counties:

More farming welfare…

This seemed relevant since the sugar industry is so big in western Nebraska.

Western Nebraska Libertarian Party coming!

Soon the Western Nebraska Libertarian Party will be ready to give Libertarians in the panhandle of Nebraska a way to connect and organize. We are working to include Libertarians from Banner, Box Butte, Cheyenne, Dawes, Kimball, Morrill, Scotts Bluff, and Sioux Counties (Nebraska).