CISPA (H.R. 624) Coming to the House this week!

Last year, CISPA (then H.R. 3261 aka SOPA) sought to create powerful new protections for companies who wanted to sidestep privacy law in order to share sensitive user information with the government without judicial oversight. CISPA may also result in more sharing to the National Security Agency, which the Libertarian Party and civil liberties groups like the ACLU and EFF oppose.

Please see the following links and take time to contact your Representative  in the House about why we must stand together and vote AGAINST H.R. 624 (CISPA – Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) and while at it send a copy of the message to our Senators so they will already know where you stand if the bill makes it to the Senate.

Below are a few links that provide some more information on this bill:

(EFF) – CISPA Goes to The Floor for a Vote, Privacy Amendments Blocked

(CNET) – Privacy protections booted from CISPA data-sharing bill

(Downsized DC) – CISPA:  Would you sacrifice the rule of law for security? (link previously posted by the Libertarian Party via Google+)

Below are quick links to the contact information for our Congressman and Senators:

Congressman for the 3rd District of Nebraska:

  • Congressman Adrian Smith
  • E-mail Form
  • Scottsbluff Office Phone:  (308) 633-6333
  • Washington, DC Office Phone:  (202) 225-6435

Senators for Nebraska:

  • Senator Deb Fischer
  • E-mail Form
  • Washington, DC Office Phone:  (202) 224-6551
  • Senator Mike Johanns
  • E-mail Form
  • Scottsbluff Office Phone:  (308) 632-6032
  • Washington, DC Office Phone:  (202) 224-4224

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