Libertarian Party of Nebraska – Shirt Fundraiser!

So the Libertarian Party of Nebraska has launched a Shirt Fundraiser and we need to sell at least 20 shirt! Below is a picture of the front of the shirt and you can click anywhere in this post to be taken to the Shirt Fundraiser page. Below is from the page:

“This revolution will not be televised! Help the Libertarian Party of Nebraska support the 2014 Libertarian candidates!”

The Founding Fathers would wear this shirt!

“2014 is a critical year for Libertarians in Nebraska. We MUST have a successful election this year in order to maintain ballot access. In fact, Nebraska Libertarians must do this every 4 years! If we fail to reach our goals, the Libertarian Party of Nebraska will need to petition to regain ballot access in our state. Petitioning is a time consuming and costly effort!

The easiest way for us to maintain ballot access is to ensure that we have at least 5% of the votes in the statewide election in 2014. We have the candidates and a plan in place to make this happen! The Libertarian Party of Nebraska depends entirely on the support from liberty minded individuals like you. Your generous contribution will help carry our message and our values into every community and help elect Libertarian candidates to office.”

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