Marketplace Fairness Act? Not very fair…

I sat down tonight and thought I would put up a post about why the upcoming Marketplace Fairness Act is a terrible bill, and why you should call your senators and ask them to vote against it. Halfway through doing the research I realized it was possibly a waste of time. It became painfully obvious that this bill was going to pass.

First thing, the bill has supporters from both sides of the aisle. The Democrats appear to be supporting because, well if it’s a tax they want it, and the big corporations are for it. The Republicans support it because, well everyone knows they are more than willing to do the bidding of big corporations. So why are the big corporations for the tax? It doesn’t increase their profits one bit. What it does manage to do is, much like the “welfare cliff” I mentioned in an earlier post, it creates a huge hurdle for a business to advance to the point of collecting internet sales tax. It helps those at the top stay at the top and tries to remove the motivation for those at the bottom to succeed.

Lets say you have a fairly successful internet business running out of your garage, now until your revenue gets to one million you do not need to collect sales tax off internet transactions. Once you do though…you need to hire more staff for the paperwork, accountants to make sure you are adhering to all the different states tax laws…”ahh forget it I guess one million in revenue is enough , I don’t need to expand.” Now you can see why big business is for it, they have been building their systems over the last couple years to collect sales tax, customizing in hopes a bill like this would pass. They expanded when there wasn’t an internet sales tax, so now they want to keep the new players out.

So yes the easy argument is “MORE TAXES BAD!”, but as you can see the real problem is that our government is too intertwined with big businesses on both sides of the aisle, when it has no business being involved in business at all.

Should we still call and let our Senators know why this is bad?  Sure!  We have a right to ourselves and everyone else who doesn’t voice their opinion to spread the word about what this “Fairness Act” will really do, but just be warned that you shouldn’t get your hopes up and the vote may be starting any minute so there is a good chance by the time you read this the vote could have already taken place…

Below are quick links to the contact information for our Senators (Nebraska):

  • Senator Deb Fischer
  • E-mail Form
  • Washington, DC Office Phone:  (202) 224-6551
  • Senator Mike Johanns
  • E-mail Form
  • Scottsbluff Office Phone:  (308) 632-6032
  • Washington, DC Office Phone:  (202) 224-4224

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